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It's Go Time!

It's the launch of Heather Renee Coaching! This is my BRAND NEW business focused on mindset and confidence for women! My programs are designed to help women RELEASE the guilt and self-doubt holding them back from realizing their POWER to live a life full of abundance!

Heather Renee Coaching is completely different from anything I have done before! 

For years, I appeared to be happy and healthy…and for the most part I was. But what y’all didn’t see were the internal struggles I avoided- the lack of confidence I had in myself and the EXTREME guilt I carried around with me about EVERY-FREAKING-THING.

I was happy-ish. I was afraid to admit I wanted more because I felt like that’d make me ungrateful and then I’d be punished for wanting more. I’ve lived my life basically being told to be thankful for what I have- be grateful for the blessing I had and I was…I know my life is far better than it could have been. Those skeletons in the closet- the ones I tried to avoid never went away. They were there reminding me of the feeling of abandonment I felt as a kid…feelings of overwhelm…feelings of scarcity, never having enough. 

As a mom, I have come to believe that our kids can make us recognize and take action like no one else. 

I started to see the habits and beliefs I so avidly try to leave in the past show up in my kids. It’s like a slap in the face really- I worked REALLY freaking hard at being the best mom I could be and despite my -best efforts, here are my kids…one with lower self-confidence, relying on others for self-worth. My scarcity mindset was also staring me in the face- even though there really is no reason at all that it should be.

Because of them, I decided I needed to focus on ME. So I dug deep- I hired a mindset coach, I inundated myself with podcasts and books determined to clean those skeletons out of my closet so that my kids can start fresh.

I’m not an expert in mindset & confidence, but I know what I know and I know it’s helped me. I’m still learning …that part won’t stop and I’m truly loving every bit of it.

My goal, my purpose, my passion is to help! If I can help just one women change the way she feels about herself, if I can help her smile when she looks in the mirror, if I can help her help her family live a more confident life- then I’ve done my job. But I’m not stopping at 1 😊 

Heather Renee Coaching is here to help women RELEASE the guilt and self-doubt holding them back from realizing their POWER to live a life full of abundance!

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