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I promise, you are badass, divine Goddess and its time to embrace it!!

You can be both.

You can be grateful/thankful/blessed AND feel lost/unhappy/stressed and frustrated.

That doesn’t make you a bad person. I promise, you are BADASS!

I see you! I see you smiling when you want to scream. I see you laughing when you feel like crying. I see you giving 1000% of yourself to other day after day.

Take a minute, think about everything you do on the daily for everyone else.

Now think -what you do for yourself?!

· When is the last time you bought a cute pair of PJ’s or a pretty bra for yourself?

· When the last time you went out for dinner/drinks with friends without feeling guilty…when’s the last time you went out at all?

· When is the last time you said no to someone because you felt in your heart & soul that your energy was needed elsewhere?

· When is the last time you said NO to anyone but yourself?

I get it!

I’ve been there!! I find myself there still.

I‘ve learned to slow down to enjoy what feels right.

I’ve learned to let go of shit that happens -shit that used to bring me down for DAYS!

I’ve learned how much my energy effects everyone else and how much THEIR energy can effect me!

I’ve learned that wanting more out of life doesn’t make me ungrateful, it doesn’t mean I don’t love the life I have- if anything it’s allowing my family to dream of more, do more, HAVE more!

It took me YEARS to let go of the guilt and allow myself to receive.

Receive the help.

Receive the love.

Receive the knowledge.

If you’re a giver, it’s time you receive. It’s time you look at the past that’s gotten you this far, embrace the present and create the future you freaking deserve!

Divine Trinity is for the women who is ready to HEAL her past, EMBRACE her present, and CREATE her future.⁣

From 11/11 until 1/11, we are going to guide and walk with you as you learn to how to release old wounds, embrace gratitude, and create an abundant, joyful, happiness and light filled future! You will be supported in a safe, private, environment where we learn, practice, implement, and embody all that is necessary to allow the Goddess within to shine as she always meant to. ⁣

This exclusive online program created specifically for women who feel like there is more to life but aren’t sure where to start. As soon as you join, you step into your inner Goddess, sweatpants, ponytail and smudged make-up and tiaras optional.

Program Details:

11/9 live in person welcome event: the Divinity Circle to celebrate the Goddess in you ✨

Live Virtual Kick off Party 11/11 (inside the Facebook Community)

Private Facebook Goddess Community

Weekly emails

Training modules released every week (recordings will be available for live)

Facebook Group LIVES: weekly coaching calls to facilitate understanding and implementation of the concepts learned

A live event in January to celebrate the growth your Goddess has made

Message with me questions or visit for more information, including the opportunity to sign up.



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