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From sweaty selfies to spirituality

This has to be one of the most difficult posts I’ve shared (and that says A LOT because I have been posting sweaty selfies for the last 3 years!) 🤳🏼

This is especially hard for me because I have spent my ENTIRE life trying to fit in. I wanted to be “real” enough that others could relate without sharing my quirky side.

Taking this step, sharing who I am, what my beliefs are and ESPECIALLY what BS stories I am no longer identifying with may (let’s be honest WILL) offend some.

My beliefs, my healing and my work its about my journey.

What I’ve done, what I am doing and what I believe has helped me through some super dark times.

I’ve decided that in order to truly be able to help other women and families, I need to share (despite what my ego is telling me to do…which is shut my mouth- or in this case stop typing).

I have treaded lightly with my journey of self-discovery because I was worried about what my family and friends would think. Through the help of others, I have discovered my inner woowoo and am feel called to share with others - always in the hopes of offering guidance 🔮

To be honest...

Spirituality was something I never understood. My childhood consisted of going to church with my Grandparents or on holidays like Christmas & Easter.

It wasn’t until my Grandma was diagnosed with terminal cancer that I decided to seek out God for myself. While I felt a connection to God, I never fully understood. I had this misconception that I had to be perfect, grateful and only pray for others.

Over the years, I crossed paths with many women and teachers who talked about God, Universe and Source, angel guides.

All who taught about how these desires (for more, to do more, be more, GIVE MORE) have been placed in your heart for a reason.

I learned about a God who wanted people (me) to come to Him for guidance. A God who WANTED you to have ALL that your heart desires. I also learned about manifestation and synchronicities.

For a while, I was SUPER conflicted on what was “right” …what was going to “get” me into heaven and what was blasphemy…what did society tell me what right and what did my heart and soul truly believe in.

That is when I went on my own spiritual journey.

Through research, connection with others and a deep dive into my own beliefs, I feel confident that I understand what spirituality means to ME and my family.

Finally realizing that I can believe in a loving God, a God that wants me to co-create miracles with him while working with Angles and Spirit Guides has completely transformed my life!

Spiritualty should be different for everyone.

It is a living breathing, changing and evolving relationship.

To get a more in-depth version of my story, check out the podcast episode 5!

Want to get to know more about me and how my spirituality can help?!

Visit my website

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