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“When you decide, finally, to stop running on the fuel of anxiety, desire to prove, fear, shame, deep inadequacy—when you decide to walk away from that fuel for a while, there’s nothing but confusion and silence. You’re on the side of the road, empty tank, no idea what will propel you forward. It’s disorienting, freeing, terrifying.

For a while, you just sit, contentedly, and contentment is the most foreign concept you know. But you learn it, shocking as it is, day by day, hour by hour. You sit in your own skin, being just your own plain self. And it’s okay. And it’s changing everything.

After a while, though, you realize you weren’t made only for contentment; that’s only half the puzzle. The other part is meaning, calling, love. And this is a new conversation, almost like speaking a second language—faltering, tongue-twisting, exhilarating”

Excerpt From Present Over Perfect byShauna Niequist

Being a busy mom is just something I considered a season of life- like the ENTIRE season of parenthood. The more I look back at my life, it seems like being busy has been my thing. I didn’t play sports, but I worked in high school and college. I remember working really hard to get full-time status at Kroger while I was also going to college full-time, including summer classes. After graduating, I worked at the bank AND Kroger for at least another year or so. Fast forward to 2 kids and I found myself once again trying to become full-time at ADP. That for the most part, it was for financial reasons, we needed to be a 2 income family.

2 kids, 2 dogs, a full-time job building a business later...I am seeing the trend. It’s not that I like to be busy, I don’t know how to freaking stop. When I do, it is usually because I am so exhausted mentally and physically that I can’t go on. I am so grumpy and so disconnected that I don’t know who I am.

How is it that as a woman, as a mom, a wife, a daughter, sister, friend we let our lives get so busy that we loose ourselves? When did it become OK to excuse away the daily chaos? When did we decide that ALWAYS putting everyone else needs ahead of our own was the “right” thing to do?

This is where I was.

Where I am now is a place of knowing. It isn’t perfect. I still give way more than I receive. Most days, I still find myself doing ALL the things. The big difference is that I am more aware. I am aware of my limits. I am aware of the voice inside my head that I silenced for so many years who was TRYING to remind me to slow down- to enjoy life. The voice telling me that I can’t keep running. The key to happiness isn’t being super busy or doing all the things.


I am super excited to be able to work 1:1 with women on:

•Mom Guilt

•Money Mindset


•Rediscovering Yourself

•Releasing self doubt/beliefs

•Reframing thoughts/action

•Family mindset

•Intention setting

My 1:1 program includes weekly one-on-one calls and exclusive access to me via Whats App. If you think this might be for you, you can schedule a 30 minute break though call for $33!

My ultimate goal is to help you be•do•have what makes your SOUL SHINE ✨

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