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Am I Dreaming?

My life has taken so many crazy turns the last few months.  If I’m honest, it all started when my parents divorce was finalized.  They sold out family home of 20+ years. My dad temporarily moved in with us and my bonus mom moved 2 hours away.  I went into major purge mode clearing out space for my dad and his stuff.  I have trouble asking for help- so I did as much as I could alone.  I was focused on working 8-10 hours a day and cleaning/clearing out stuff in my spare time.  I stopped exercising and didn’t take care of myself/my body. 

This stubbornness, neglect and sitting on bleachers for 8+ hours lead to an inevitable injury.

Just when I thought I was getting better- I signed up for a couple of courses on mindset and business development I land myself in the hospital with not one but TWO back surgeries.

I remember being in the hospital, sending my amazing coach/mentor a message saying that I knew this was happening FOR me, not TO me.  5 months later, I have been reflecting on what happened.  It’s taken more mindset trainings and more business trainings …but I FINALLY feel like I have figured out what direction I am meant to go in!

If you are curious …if you enjoy following along with my & my families craziness…if you feel the pull to get to know me better…stay TUNED!

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