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Welcome to season two of the shining souls podcast I am your host Heather Renee.


I created this podcast as a way to connect with other women. In a world where society has taught us that women’s role is to give unconditionally, that being FINE is OK, and wanting more is selfish & ungrateful it’s my mission to bring awareness to women of all ages and stages to end the cycle of self-destruction we’ve always believe is our birth right.


I’m here to bring change to beliefs like Hard work & hustle = success or asking & receiving help makes you weak. Where we view burnout as a badge of honor and exhaustion as part of life.


My hope is that when you listen to this podcast you can find bits of inspiration motivation encouragement and support. 


Please share this podcast -my message is your message.


We’re not in this alone.


Shining Souls podcast provides women the platform and freedom to step out of the shadows to be do have what makes their soul shine

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