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Release Energetic Attachments 
Guided Meditation

Every person, thought and belief we come into contact with creates an energetic cord/attachment to us.

Releasing these attachments allows us to cut the energetic cords that no longer serve us. 


This process can help us reclaim our energy from the energy vampires…it can help us reset our mind when we’ve been inundated with information that we’re having trouble discerning…it also helps release bad habits.



My Energetic Cord Cutting mediation will guide you through releasing these attachments for your highest and greatest good. 


I will teach you “quickies” you can do daily to release cords quickly and easily for when you don’t have time for the meditation.


Ready to release? 


Registration via payment $11 by 8 pm June 24th and I will send the link for the meditation to you. 


Can’t make it live?


A recording will be available for 30 days until July 24th.

Venmo: Heather-Campbell-1997

PayPal: Heathercampbell97

Credit or debit:

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